The Captain


Capt. Dave Mistretta


CAPT. DAVE MISTRETTA has spent more than thirty years on local waters and received nation wide recognition for his fish catching skills. Dave has dominated both the charter industry and the tournament circuit throughout his wonderful career. The rare gift of being able to consistently catch big fish when no one else can gives this driven angler the edge (and he uses it full tilt). Thousands of ecstatic customers from around the world will attest. He possesses the purest of optimism, combined with a youthful enthusiasm that defies time, getting everybody excited when the bite is on. That’s what makes a day on the water so enjoyable. He truly loves his job!

Dave has been recognized by the local community as one of the best and is glad to share his knowledge with the media on a regular basis. Endless amounts of nationally published magazines have featured Dave’s fishing skills – Florida Sportsman, Angler Magazine, Salt Water Sportman, etc.

Hundreds of thousands of people have relied on Dave’s expert advice for over 15 years, reading his bi-weekly fishing columns for the Tampa Bay Times (voted top ten sports section in the nation). He also has been sponsored by JEEP and CHANNEL 8 NEWS (an NBC affiliate), bringing his fish catching skills to millions of viewers on the TV screen every Saturday and Sunday.

Capt. Morgan

Captain Morgan has been working with the JawsToo for over 5 years. His expertise and passion for fishing is a great addition to the already highly-amped JAWSTOO team.
The seeds of his knowledge are similar to Dave in many ways. They both grew up on our local beaches, fishing every chance they could. Fishing is his middle name!! You can’t manufacture that kind of knowledge. Its earned from decades of hands on experiences.Clients are always in good hands, with this awesome captain at the helm.