Capt. Dave Mistretta


Captain Dave has owned his charter fishing for over 3 decades, receiving worldwide recognition for his fish catching skills. Thousands of ecstatic customers from around the world will attest. His wisdom combined with youthful enthusiasm, gets everybody excited when the bite is on. That’s what makes a day on the water with him so enjoyable. He truly loves his job!

 Throughout his wonderful career, Dave's JAWSTOO has been featured on endless amounts of nationally televised fishing shows.  Endless amounts of magazines  feature Dave’s fishing skills – Florida Sportsman, Angler Magazine, SaltWater Sportsman... the list is endless.  For over 20 years, millions of people also read  his  fishing columns in the Tampa Bay Times. Voted top 10 in the country... Big name companies like  MERCURY, YAMAHA, YANMAR MARINE, DORADO BOATS, JEEP, NBC NEWS CHANNEL 8 CHANNEL, BAY NEWS 9, WINGHOUSE  have all been proud to sponsor his  trademark name of Jawstoo  . If only everyone could enjoy what they do for a living like Dave does. Its a rare gift.