Captain's Report


Temps are still extremely warm, letting us know summer isn't quite thru with us yet. Water temps are starting to creep down from a blistering 91 degrees, to a more tolerable 88 degree mark. Each day migrations of small minnows are working their way towards shore. This migration will eventually lure in kingfish and some gag grouper. Spanish mackerel and bonito have already found the baitfish as it to migrates east. Normally when the water temps drop below 81 degrees is when things start to get good. The month of September and October will definitely be a transitional couple of months.WE have been suggesting at least an 8 hour trip to go bottom fishing since the deeper the better this year.


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Anglers are excited about red snapper and gag grouper season, which starts today. Numerous clients are traveling from around the country to get in on the action. We have trips planned this month to specifically target these two types of tasty reef fish, along with red grouper. These three Florida species are known for their flaky, white fillets and mild taste. This year we've located red snapper at many shallower areas in the gulf. Normally they're found in deeper waters of at least 115 feet. Most anglers travel to at least that depth in hopes of landing larger fish. Our shallowest catch this spring was in 45 feet west of Indian Rocks Beach. There seem to be small schools on a few of the rocks where we target gag grouper. Limestone rocks...

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