Captain’s Report



Capt. David John Mistretta JAWSTOO PRO TEAM

Plenty of options for anglers wanting some summer time action. The wrecks offshore have been entertaining to say the least. Lots of catch and release action for anglers wanting that big fish expierence. Large sharks have been consistantly makng thier apearance for many anglers vactioning florida. We landed a 11 foot hammerhead this past week, which was a pretty cool experience. Large bull sharks and sand bar sharks have been thier pretty much daily, adding to the party, ready to eat a baited hook. Barracuda, amberjacks and other game fish tend to loiter around these wrecks , producing some BIG FISH EXPIERENCES. Its common to catch sharks weighing over 300lb on a 6 or 7 hour trip.

We have also been consistantly catching gigantic goliath grouper, which makes for some great catch and release action for a life time. Videos and pictures capture that vacation memory, with bragging rights when they go home,letting everyone know about the JAWSTOO big fish adventures. Families having fun during vacation is whats its all about. All ages welcome. Never too young to go fishing.

Offshore bottom fishing on the longer trips have been consistantly draging up red snapper and red grouper. its a bit a of a run, but delicious table fare at the end of the day. The red snapper season is open for charters until August. Red grouper we can keep until late July. Numerous other snapers and reef fish are available as well.