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What's biting the hooks

Red grouper fishing is whats been on the menu for this first half of this month. After September 15th there is an immediate closure for recreational red grouper catches until January, enforced by federal and state goverments . For the next month we will have to get creative as to what fish to keep for clients wanting a fish dinner. Mid October when the water temps cool down , well start to see migrations of gag grouper moving closer to shore. This will allow us to harvest this particular grouper until December 31st 2021 . Then, they will be closed for harvest until june 2022 .

October , November Decemneraction: Kingfish will show up next month as well, allowing more options for a ...

What's biting for March & April 2021 Captain Dave Mistretta Indian rocks beach Florida 33785

Spring Break for many families means a great day on the water fishing. Lots of action is availble as winter transitions into fall. All ages are welcome aboard the Jawstoo.

Kingfish have beeen th big topic the past fewweeks with many banner catches for clients

sharksare just starting to arrive as well makin some of our expierences on the water quite thrilling. Che


What's biting this month for 2021


Febuary 6TH 2021 A new Begining!! go bucs!!!!

Superbowl Season

Winter has taken hold of the entire country. Somehow, down here at Indian Rocks Beach Florida, we can stll manage to have some sunny wamer days. Thats what attracts fisherman down our way. We offer a variety of fishing trips. Its really all about planning the trips in between cold fronts, getting out on the calm flat days. There are plenty of them if you are a bit flexablewith scheduling.

Offshore we have great catch and release action with Amberjacks. They are large and n charge when they hit a bait offered. Not only are the big in size but will school up in masse over some of our privite wrecks. This allows anglers to have endle...

What's biting the hooks for fall 2020

As water temps cool,migrations of many fish move our way. Kingfish are the main topic . When they hit a bait at speeds of over 30mph, its quite a thrill. Bigger kingfish can often peel 400 yards of line off in one single run.

Bottom fishing is also another option for a great day on the water. Gag grouper have started their migration towards our coastline. Travel time to get to these areas are often with in 20 miles from shore. Even the red grouper populations have moved within 30 miles from our coast.

I have always referred to Water temps in the 70's as "MAGICAL". .....and there is good reason. Numerous species of game fish are migrating along our coast line during these fall months, a...

We look forward to fishing with you


Fishing report for Captain Dave Mistretta January 2020 Published in the Tampa Bay Times Sports Section- weekly fishing report


Mild weather has been allowed many anglers to get out on the water. Calm seas have made all options easier for an offshore adventure. We fished within 20 miles and was rewarded with gag groupers, snappers, grunts and porgies. The gag grouper season is closed for recreational anglers until June, but still provide some great catch and release action. A quick picture before releasing them back to the wild, can still serve up some impressive bragging rights.

Commercial gag grouper season remains open. This confuses many clients, since they see the fresh grouper on the menu, but have to release a big gag grouper. It’s the way our fish regulations are set up. Commercial and recreational fi...


We've been experiencing numerous days with blustery winds related to cold fronts. Anglers can still get some good action in between the rough weather days. Timing your outing between the unruly weather is key. We normally inform clients ahead of time, During this month of December, they have a 50 /50 chance of getting out. Water temperatures have not plummeted to the low sixties yet, so we still have multiple migrations of fish in the area.

Kingfish and Spanish mackerel are still being caught by anglers trolling cleaner water conditions between fronts. Water depths of 30 to 60 feet of water seem to be the most productive depths to troll at this time. A few rogue kings are still being landed o...

December 2019 Fishing Report


Captain Dave and his Jawstoo Pro Team have been writing for the Times for over 25 years celebrating over 35 years of business . Voted #1 charter boat for 2019

Fishing report for Dave Mistretta Published in the Tampa Bay Times December 1st 2019

Calm waters between cold fronts have allowed anglers to explore many depths in the gulf. A variety of fish have been available. We opted to try some inshore ledges within 20 mile. Our reward was some nice sized gag groupers. Not all rocky areas have been replenished from last years red tide, but we noticed positive activity on many spots. Many locations also held smaller undersized fish as well.

Red grouper activity has also picked up for anglers travel ...





Here's one of the captains most recent columns from the Tampa Bay Times newspaper.

Jawstoo Pro Team has again been voted #1 charter boat again! IRB Indian Rocks Beach Florida

Only a matter of days before cooler air heads our way. Dropping temperatures will bring new migrations of fish. Kingfish are the most common game fish grasping anglers attention. There are a few other specialty fish that attracts fishermen as well. The gag grouper can often arrive about the same time as the kingfish. They will normally settle in shallower depths as water temps begin to cool.

Water temps need to drop below eighty degrees before th...

June and July 2019


An extraordinary heat wave has had the fish acting flaky at times this past 2 weeks. Higher than normal air temperatures, means higher than normal water temperatures. Fish will often tend to lay low in the heat of the day. Shallower waters will heat up by 4 degrees by the end of the day, especially if the sun is out. We even find the fish taking a siesta during the heat of the day offshore, in deeper waters as well.

We noticed many of the groupers we caught recently have been spitting up small crustaceans, Many types of offshore reef and spider crabs. This is a tell tale sign that the groupers are feeding during the evening hours, when its not so hot. That's when the small crabs leave their ...