Captain’s Report



We have finally entered the transitional month of October. Water temperatures began to drop, even with warm-weather patterns. The days are getting shorter forcing water temperatures to cool.

Once temperatures reach 81 degrees, anglers will start to see rogue kingfish heading our way. As far as a larger push of kingfish, their migrational patterns seems to be running a little late, meaning that November will truly be the month for kings this year. Already there have been reports of a few rogue kings weighing in at the impressive 40-pound mark. They are gobbling up captain's baits, trolled in the vicinity of schooling threadfin herring. This is another sign that fall action on its way. Giant Spanish mackerel, sharks, cobia and even some late-season tarpon are the expected species to be joining in on the party. Tampa Bay has already started to fill up with truck loads of baitfish. These migrations of bait will lure many of the game fish that we all seek into the bay during our annual fall run. By the time the water temperature drops into the magical 70s (I'm guessing just after Halloween), the action will become an epic event.