Captain’s Report


What's biting the hooks

Red grouper fishing is whats been on the menu for this first half of this month. After September 15th there is an immediate closure for recreational red grouper catches until January, enforced by federal and state goverments . For the next month we will have to get creative as to what fish to keep for clients wanting a fish dinner. Mid October when the water temps cool down , well start to see migrations of gag grouper moving closer to shore. This will allow us to harvest this particular grouper until December 31st 2021 . Then, they will be closed for harvest until june 2022 .

October , November Decemneraction: Kingfish will show up next month as well, allowing more options for a fun day on the waterand tablefare.. Angler will have to enjoy going fishing for the expierence of it all and practice catch and release action. There still is afew Smaller reef fish like lane snapper, mangrove snapper, grunts, hog fish , barracuda and porgies will be an option for anglers desiring some fresh fish in later part of September.

This past few weeks: Schools of mahis have been visiting us while bottom fishing pretty much every day we go, occasiobnally we get a larger one , adding some excitement to the day, but the majority of them are small and we lesve them to grow up. A few rogue kingfish and sharks have also been joining the party as well.. Lil tunny ( often called bonita) are a pelagic fish that has been in the same depths as where we are bottom fishing. These tunas are not really good to eat , so we either let them go, or use them for shark and goliath grouper bait. These giant predators will go out of thier way to gobble up an entire bonito.