Captain’s Report


What's biting the hooks for fall 2020

As water temps cool,migrations of many fish move our way. Kingfish are the main topic . When they hit a bait at speeds of over 30mph, its quite a thrill. Bigger kingfish can often peel 400 yards of line off in one single run.

Bottom fishing is also another option for a great day on the water. Gag grouper have started their migration towards our coastline. Travel time to get to these areas are often with in 20 miles from shore. Even the red grouper populations have moved within 30 miles from our coast.

I have always referred to Water temps in the 70's as "MAGICAL". .....and there is good reason. Numerous species of game fish are migrating along our coast line during these fall months, allowing endless options. They are often hungry too.

Heres a picture of our first king of the Fall season 2020. It weighed over 32lbs. The big king jumped 10 feet in the air 3 times while chasing the bait, rewarding us with an awesome arial display of a giant hungry king targeting on its prey.