Captain’s Report


What's biting this month for 2021


Febuary 6TH 2021 A new Begining!! go bucs!!!!

Superbowl Season

Winter has taken hold of the entire country. Somehow, down here at Indian Rocks Beach Florida, we can stll manage to have some sunny wamer days. Thats what attracts fisherman down our way. We offer a variety of fishing trips. Its really all about planning the trips in between cold fronts, getting out on the calm flat days. There are plenty of them if you are a bit flexablewith scheduling.

Offshore we have great catch and release action with Amberjacks. They are large and n charge when they hit a bait offered. Not only are the big in size but will school up in masse over some of our privite wrecks. This allows anglers to have endless action. They can range anywhere between 20 and 80 lbs. As far as tablefare goes, the season is closed on this specie until May 2021, but they make a great catch and realease photos and videos. Not to mention the numerous 300 lb. goliath Groupers that are available at the same locations. On a full day or extended trip, anglers can wrestle with these brutes for a couple hours. After that work out, we can do something easier like bottom fishing. There are red grouper and a vareity of snappers available for you dinner in these deeper waters of 100 feet. Keep in mind these trips require a bit of a run to the offshore fishing grounds(25 to 40 miles) so a 8 to 10 hour is required.

We also offer shorter trips closer to shore for different species. fishing for Hog snappers, grunts, porgies and a variety of other good eating reef fish. There are large gag grouper availble for a great photo, but on these shallow water trips, They have a closed season until June 2021 so its a quick photo and back to the water they go.

A 5 or 6 hour trip is suggested for this winter action. We can explain in detail what is available precisely closer to the dates you book